Buffalo in Bloom is a grass roots group of volunteers that began in 1995 and continues to this day. We are dedicated to making the entire City of Buffalo the World’s largest flower arrangement. Our Volunteers do this by, recognizing and celebrating the efforts of city residents, businesses, and institutions that beautify their streetscape by “blooming” their property and posting those pictures on the Buffalo in Bloom Gallery, maintaining the extensive gardens at Niagara Square, and offering horticultural guidance and education to promote and expand an individual’s gardening knowledge and skills

How to get your Garden "Bloomed"

Ready for the new and improved Buffalo in Bloom

Buffalo in Bloom is all new for 2017. This year we are asking that you the gardener take the picture for us and submit it so that we can post it on our web site. As long as the garden in the photo meets our basic criteria the photo will be posted. We will be accepting these photo from June 1st - August 1st. Any photos received after that date regretfully will not be posted. Never fear we will still have our scouts, they will going out durning a 2 week period after August 8th, and placing the "Bloom" marker in your front yard. If for some reason our Scout does not leave the "Bloom" marker, you will receive an explanation as to why it was not left. Gardens that receive the "Bloom" marker will also receive the discount card and Certificate from the Mayor in the mail within a few weeks after the Scout has placed your marker. All received photos will remain on our web site we are not going to remove the photo if you do not receive the marker when the Scout comes out. Use the link below to submit your photo

***Please remember these 2 important items when submitting your garden photo. Be sure to include your full name and address(street address and zip code) as you would like to appear on the Mayor's Certificate and Please make sure your photo includes your ENTIRE street facing garden and the front of your house to verify the number.***

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Basic Criteria

  • Front Yard or side gardens (street-facing). If a garden is a side garden, the front must be maintained
  • Does it have flower/speciality evergreens
  • Is it it weeded?
  • Is it tended?(deadheads removed)
  • Are shrubs pruned?
  • Is all plant material alive?
  • Is the grass cut?
  • Is it a garden of flowers or a collection of items. If it is a collection of items, flowers MUST be predominant.
  • There are NO plastic plants.

This is the basic critera will be using. Please understand once you submit your photo it does take a little bit of time for our web master to process them for the web site. We Look forward to seeing all the beautiful gardens!! Help us show the world what a Beautiful place Buffalo is to work and live.

Bloomed Gardens

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Buffalo in Bloom is a not-for-profit group that works with the Buffalo Green Fund. Together we are working to make Buffalo a much more greener and beautiful place to work and live. So please consider donating to help keep all that we do going and remember donations to us are tax deductible.

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Legal Disclaimer

By submitting your photo you are granting Buffalo in Bloom permission to use your photo and any likeness in it on our web site or any published material. All photos submitted become the property of Buffalo in Bloom. Photos will be edited to fit the website and to also remove any items or images we deem unsuitable to display on our website