Lets clear things up!

What Does it Take to Get Bloomed?

We look for well maintained front yard gardens, viewable from the street. No garden is too small! We reward gardens that are well loved. e.g. weeded, trimmed, watered, and pruned. Gardens that are clearly cared for and eye catching! We are unable to bloom gardens with weeds, dead plants, or neglected gardens. Backyard gardens cannot be bloomed, though all gardening is encouraged. 

Where Do you Bloom?

Eligible gardens must be in a neighborhood within the City of Buffalo borders. Buffalo in Bloom is proud of our great city and its gardens: large and small. As long as you take the time to maintain a front yard garden in the City of Buffalo, you are eligible.

How Can I Get My Garden Bloomed?

Gardeners may submit one photo of their front yard/streetscape (viewable from the street) using this form. Show us when your garden is "Blooming" at its best! Your garden will be "Bloomed" on our website 2-3 weeks after you submission. Your garden may also be featured as our Garden of the Week!
This year's deadline  to submit your photo is August 31, 2018. Click HERE to enter.

Do you Bloom Potted Gardens?

Yes! We Bloom container gardens as well as in ground gardens. With container gardens we are looking for real plants not plastic or silk. Although they look nice we are looking to acknowledge Buffalonians' effort in planting and maintaining  flowers.